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Previous Concert Reviews


The 112th Music Program of Sangeetha Rasika Sangam, Chennai 92 was held at Sri Varasiddhi Vinayagar Temple, Chinmayanagar on 14th December 2008.

While Mr S Girish, grandson and disciple of Smt T Brinda, a veteran and legendary musician of yester years, gave the vocal recital, he was supported by Sri K J Dilip on the violin, and Sri Mohana Krishnan on the Mridangam.

The event unfolded with singing of the Varnam 'Karunimpaa idhi' in Sahaanaa. The Muthayee and Chittaswaram were executed melodiously. A Rakthi raga by itself, Sahaanaa shone in truly brilliant colours.

Next to follow was 'Sri Mahaganapathim Rovthaman'in Gowla. The raga's inherent beauty was brought out with efficient handling of Kakali Nishadam, which the artiste managed so well through his pleasant voice. The swara exercise revealed his finer skills in expressing the nuances of the raga in a matured form.

After a brief rendition of Raaga 'Maaya Maalava Gowlam', the artiste sang Sri St Thyagaraja's famous 'Thulasi Dhalamu Se' with divine melody flowing at every stage.

The main raga taken up for full improvisation was Purvi Kalyani. The delineation of the raaga, the 53rd Melam, Gamanasrama on Melakartha scale, was both enchanting and mellifluous. The Artiste explored the subtler realms by capturing phrases of core value and communicating the technical and melody parts of the raaga in a highly comprehensive form to the listeners. 'Jnanamo Saga rada' was presented with a moving melody. The Sangathies, Neraval and Swaraprastharam were woven into a niccely designed fabric enhancing the raaga's Rakthi elements to aesthetic level of appreciation. Sri Dilip translated the notes by using his bow to produce an atmosphere of devine vibration all around. Sri Mohanakrishnan made rhythematic and symmetrical beats on his percussion equipment and created a focussed laya appeal among the audience. The Thani was cheered up by thunderous applauce from the Rasikas. Mr Girish narrated 'Nenarunchara Naapai' in Simhavaahini which was soul stirring. The artiste touched the Raaga Keeravaani the 23rd Melam for a while. The Tamil Song 'Vananai Madhi Soodi' imparted a big impulse and the audience paid tributes and appreciation by a louder applause for choosing the lyric of literal value.

In conclusion, the artiste sang a Virutham 'Enthaayum' in Sindhu bhairavi which made a mark on the programme. The programme came to a happy end with Mangalam.

Sangeetha Rasika Sangam.