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Previous Concert Reviews


The 105th Music Program of Sangeetha Rasika Sangam, Chennai 92 was held at Sri Varasiddhi Vinayagar Temple, Chinmayanagar (Central Chinmaya Mission Trust) on 9th December 2007.

While Dr Sanjay Subramaniyam, U.S.A. featured as vocalist, he was supported by Smt Kalyani Shankar on the violin, and Erode Nagarajan on the Mridangam.

A brilliant start was made by the artiste by singing the Adi Tala Varnam "Era Napai" in Thodi composed by Sri Patnam Subramania Iyer. The Muthayee and Chittaswaras were executed with a firm grip on the raga content.

After making a brief sketch of Shanmugha Priya (Chamaram in Sri Dhikshithar's parlance), Dr Sanjay Subramanian handled the Sahitya "Sidhi Vinayagam" dexterously by describing a smooth carol and ensuring perennial flow of melody. The artiste's rendition of Nagar varali, janya raga of 28th Melam, hari Kambodhi with swara structure Sa Ga ma Pa Dha Sa - Sa Dha Pa ma Ga Sa on Arohanam Avarohanam scales (respectively) was melody-driven and touchy. He elaborated its sweet phrases with great bhava encriching the quality of presentation.

Sri Sankara Guruvaram, the popular song, communicataed the raga's iherent beauty to the audience. The swara description in a stepped up pattern created aesthetic appeal.

The raga rendition of Pantuvarali, the 51st melam made a mark on the musical event. Dr Sanjay Subramanian explored its captivating phrases in depth and presented the raga colourfully. He sang 'Ramanathan Bajaehem' of Sri Dhikshithar with great devotional fervour. The Sangathies, Nervaval and Swara Prasthara made the eraga shine in its true colours. Smt Kalyani Shankar, interpreted the notes with remarkable accuracy and clarity. Her skilful handling of the strings produced finer elements and subtleties that are characteristics of this raga presentation. Erode Nagaraj's instrumental support evoked laya appeal.

Thelia lae of St Thyagaraja in Dhenukha, 9th Melam was presented by Dr Sanjay Subramanian diligently.

The artiste made an improvisation of Bhairavi, a Vakra Bhashanga Sampoorna raga, with a punch on the powerful expression of Vakra Bhashangam notes.

The raga's salient features with its intrinsic and delicate phrases were conveyed in sweet form to the audience. The sahitya imparted a great impulse and added a new dimension to the concert's worthiness, during Sangathies, Neraval and Swara Prasthara. Smt Kalyani Shankar translated the raga's true form into vibrant notes and showed her masterly skill in violin artistry to express her genius and creativity fully. Erode Nagaraj's percussionary accomplishments were amply demonstrated during 'Thani' when vibrant and harmonious beats sprang from his Mridangam, touching new heights on laya scale.

Sri Narayana Thirthar's Govardhana Giridhar in Hindholam endeared the audience closer to the artiste.

The exposition "Muruganin Maru Peyar Azhaghu in Behag was brilliantly made.

The programme ended happily with a Thillana.

Sangeetha Rasika Sangam.