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Previous Concert Reviews


The 104th Music Program of Sangeetha Rasika Sangam, Chennai 92 was held at Sri Varasiddhi Vinayagar Temple, Chinmayanagar (Central Chinmaya Mission Trust) on 2nd December 2007.

While Mrs Kalpana Venkat featured as vocalist, she was supported by Mellakaveri K Thiagarajan on the violin, and Melakaveri K Balaji on the Mridangam.

Mrs Kalpana Venkat opened the concert with the popular Varnam 'Everi Podhanae' in Abhogi composed by Sri Patnam Subramania Iyer. It was presented with overflowing melody.

'Sarasiruga' in Nattai in Adi Thala revealed the melody components of the Raga in a focussed way. The swara description was woven into fine patterns making the shatshruthi rishabha note resonate firmly and energetically.

After a brief survey of Brindavana Saranga, a Dhikshithar Krithi was sung in a crisp manner and in a melodious tone. The rendition of this song made a distinctive mark on the programme.

The artiste's improvisation of Begada, a janya of 29th Melam, and also a vakra bashanga raga (Sa Ga Ri Ga ma Pa Dha Pa Sa - Sa Nee Dha Pa ma Ga Ri Sa) took the rasikas to a transcendental realm of divine bliss. Its inspirational notes pregnant with attractive features produced stream of melody, creating continuous moments of ecstacy among the listeners.

The artiste handled the song 'kadaikan vaithu ennai alamma' composed by Sri Ramaswami Sivan with vigour and drive expressing creativity and manodharma to an appreciable extent.

The swara structure revealed the subtler aspects of the raga charmingly.

Melakaveri Thiagarajan produced elements of vibrant notes adding greater nicety through smooth handling of strings in the violin. His brother Melakaveri K Balaji gave the laya support briskly then and there.

The main raga taken up for delineation was 'Purvi Kalyani', the janya of 53rd Melam, Gamana Ashrama. Kalpana Venkat produced a genre of quality music through powerful modulation of her sweet voice. She explored the depth of the raga by capturing the intriguing phases with a relative ease and voice control. The popular Krithi of Sri Dhikshidhar 'Meenakshi Memudham' in Adithala Irattai Kalai rendered in a soul stirring manner kept the audience spell bound, with its sweetness and fragrance, overpowering them profusely.

The sangathies, neraval and swara elaboration brought the contours of the raga in sharper focus.

Melakaveri Thiagarajan interpreted the notes with high precision and accuracy by the skillful use of his bow on the instrument.

Melakaveri Balaji produced symmetrical and harmonious beats on Mridhangam. His Thani was fully laya driven and he received louder thunderous applause from the rasikas.

A Purandaradasa's song, in a rare raga variety, was rendered with moving melody. The programme ended happily after singing of Mangalam in Saurashtra Raga.

Sangeetha Rasika Sangam.