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The 18th music programme of Sangeetha Rasika Sangam, Chennai - 92 was held at Sri Hari Hara Temple, Chinmaya Nagar II, Chennai - 92, on Sunday the 30th December 2001 featurning Sindhu K.Das accompanied by Jayanthi Keshav on the violin and Vijayan on the Mridangam.

The vocalist Sindhu K. Das gave an outstanding performance, establishing a lead over other musicians of her age.

The opening SAVERI varnam “Sarasuda Ninne Kovi” by Kothavasal Venkataramiah was neatly executed. The next piece “Namami Vigna Vinayaka” in Hamsadhwani stirred the audience, the ‘swaraprasthara’, producing a great aesthetic appeal and melody. The subtleties of ‘Shyama’ raga in the Sahitya ‘Anna Poorne Vishalakshi’ were displayed in a cogent manner by the artist.

Sindhu K. Das expressed her innovative skills in handling “KEERAVANI” taken up for full elaboration. INNAMUM SANDHEHAPPADALAMO” was sung with great precision and its full glory was revealed during Neraval and swara exercises. Even after long hours after the programme, ‘Keeravani’ was ringing with its catchy raga phrases in the minds of discerning Rasikas. Such is the grandeur of the musician who could leave an imprint of lasting effect in Rasikas, when he or she dedicates totally to the cause of Carnatic Music, our age old cultural art. Jayanthi Keshav remarkably brought out the contours of this raga in her violin instrument, the ‘Kakali Nishadham’ and ‘Suddha Daivatham’, the core swaras forming a beautiful embellishment resulting in a truly unique style of presentation.

“Mokshamu Kalatha” a popular Thyagaraja Kirthi in “Saramathi” reverberated Sri Ayyappan Sannadhi of Sri Hari Hara temple and the echo of its divine melody lasted significantly long.

Dhikshidhar’s “Meenakshi Memudham” in Gamakakriya (Poorvi Kalyani) left a touching effect with audience, the raga delineation claiming a rarer style of reproduction by any expert artiste of modern times. Again Jayanthi Keshav reproduced the notes with her masterly skills of accuracy, perfection and rhythm. “Nara Kari” in yamuna kalyani was enjoyable.

Vijayan, a Mridangam Mastro of Karaikudi Mani Iyer tradition, indeed, did his percussionary role with befitting expression of “Laya Gnana”, more particularly so during “Thani”.

The programme ended well with happy singing of “Srichakradhara” ragamalika.



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