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The Sangeetha rasika sangam's November, 2001 concert featured vocal music by Sri V.Sankar, accompanied on the Violin by Villivakkam Sri Raghuraman, on the Mridhangam by Smt Thanjavoor Padhma and on the Ghatam by Master Gowrishankar. The concert was held at the Dhyana Mantapam of Hari Hara Temple, ChinmayanagarII.

Starting the concert briskly with Navaraagamaalika varnam, Sri Sankar proceded to Vinaayaka of Veenai Kuppier in Hamsadwani and Sogasujooda tharama of Thygaraja in Kannada Gowla. Bothe the Krithis were executed crisply. Sri Sankar took up Poorvikalyaani for some elaborattion and followed it with his Guru Thanjavoor Sankara Iyer's krithi 'Ayyappan naamam' which was apt for the season. The varna mettu as well as the manner in which the artiste sang the piece aptly suited the words 'amaidhi perave anbudan paadidum'. The sense of repose that the ragam conveys was fully reflected in the rendering. After a lieuserly Poorvikalyani in the quick exposition of Chinna naate naa in Kalanidhi and Meevalla guna in Kapi (both Thyagraja krithis) showed how the artiste stuck to his guru's patantharam unwaveringly.

Kalyaani was taken up for full elaboration and Sri Sankar's forays into all the octaves were full of raga bhavam and close adherence to sruthi. The krithi chosen was Kamalaambam Bhajare of Dheekshithar. The anupallavi 'Kamalaa vaani' was taken up for niraval and the artiste gave a detailed swara prastharam in 2 kalams, the korvais in which were promptly picked up by the accompanists.

Another krithi of his Guru Thanjavoor Sankara Iyer - Samayamidhe in Hindholam gave glimpses of the composer's penchant for highlighting unusual aspects of a ragam. This krithi has its charanam (Sannidhanam vandhu) starting in thara shadjam with swaraksharams. Sankar (as he has done always) rendedred this krithi with devotion.

Sankar has recently been composing operas and producing them with bharathanatyam artistes. We had a glimpse of his composing abilities when he sang his own composition 'Thungaa nadhi' in Karnaranjani with a cleverly patterned chittaswaram.. Sankar wound up the concert with Thiruppugazh in Suddhadhanyasi and khanda gathi and Engirunthu by Bharathiar in Behag.

It was heartening to note that Sri Sankar strinctly adhered to the patantharams of krithis as learnt by him although he has considerable creative abilities as seen from his own efforts in composing. All his creativity is shown in alapana and swarams.

Sri Villivakkam Raghuraman for whom this was the second concert in a row with the sangam, gave a very good support. His alapana in Poorvikalyani and Kalyani were very good and well balanced.

Thanjavoor Padma played with excellent rapport with the artiste fully supporting the flow of music and highlighting the rhythm where it was required, thus truly making it a 'Concert'. Master Gowrishankar did very well on the Ghatam both as accompaniment and in the thani. He has a great future before him.



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