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The 15th music programme of the Sangam was held at Sri Hari Hara Temple, Chennai 600092 on the 28th Oct. 2001. Thiruvayaru P.Sekhar gave a vocal concert accompanied by Villivakkam Raghuraman on the violin and Papanasam Kumar on the mridhangam.

Thiruvayaru Sekhar, a disciple of Sri Balamurali Krishna rendered the concert in the unique style of his renowned Guru. He started the concert with Balamurali Krishna's Varnam 'Omkaara Pranava' in Shankukhapriya which was executed neatly. This was followed by Vathapi Ganapathim in Hamsadwani. The swaraprastharam for this song was a good combination of melody and rhythm. Aparadhamulanorva in Rasaali was preceded by a short alapana. This song used to be popular in the fifties and it created nostalgic memories. Thulaseedalamula in Mayamalavagowla was sung in a moving manner and was followed by Ethanai kaettaalum of Oothukkadu Venkatasubbier in Bhariavi. Bhantureethi which was preceded by alapana in Hamsanadam was sung crisply.

The main raga taken up for full elaboration was Abheri and the artiste brought out the subtelty in this ragam and sang the prathyaaghaatha prayogams neatly and with full control. The krithi Nagumomu naturally reminded the audience of his Guru and the swara-prastharam which followed showed the artistes grip on rhythm.

The lighter finale was provided by Bhadhrachala Ramadasar's Paluke Bangaara in Anandabhairavi, Jayadevar's ashtapathi Radhika Krishna in Vasanthika and Pibare Ramarasam of Sadaasiva Brahmendra in Aahirbhairav. The concert concluded with Balamurali's Thillana in Brindavani and the mangalam 'Ramachandra'.

The artiste showed an excellant command of voice and adherance to sruthi. The kalpana swarams were aptly structured and well balanced within the concert's structure. In the footsteps of his guru he also laid stress on proper combination of words of the lyrics so that their purport is understood.

Villivakkam Raghuraman gave excellent support to the artiste and did equally well in the solo alapana and swarams. Papanasam Kumar's accompaniment added great embellishment to the whole concert with very good anticipation and support. The thani aavartham was crisp and neat.


R Sivasubramanian


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