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Previous Concert Reviews


The 129th Program of Sangeetha Rasika Sangam, Chennai 92 was held at Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Natesa Nagar, Virugambakkam P.O., Chennai 600092 on Sunday the 15th Aug 2010 - between 6.30 and 9.15 in the evening.

The artistes who featured in the concert were M/s Ragam Sisters - Kum V Sivaranjani and Kum V Nalinakanthi-Vocal, Sri Kovai Chandran on the Violin, Tanjavoor Sri Subramanian on the Mrudangam and Sri M Sivaramakrishnan on the Ghatam.

The concert began with Lord Ganesa's song in the Raga Nattai followed by 'Velavan Thunai Irukka' in the raga Nattakurinji. Both these songs were crispy and flavoured with Bhakthi.

The artistes made sweet recital of Sivakama Sundari in the raga Jaganmohini of Subramanya Bharathi which was well enjoyed by the audience.

After a brief sketching of Kalyana Vasantham, Innu Daya Bharathe by Sri Purandaradas, was executed well with Bhakthi Bhavam. It was followed by Para Kela Nannu of Sri Shyama Sastrigal in Kedaragowlam. This was again rendered with devotion emphasising the contours of the raga.

The next song, Bara Bara Rajiva Locahana, in the raga Mohanam was delineated and explored its deeper realm by carrying out the attractive phrases of the raga and the song was presented vividly. This touched every one's heart with its impact of sweet melody overflowing perennially.

Sri Kovai chandran reproduced the notes accurately displaying his talent skills of violin artistry. His ability to use the bow to produce finer melody is remarkable.

Another song viz., Para Deivam of Papanasam Sivam in the raga Poorvi Kalyani sparked the enthusiasm of the listeners.

The main raga taken up for elaboration was Harikambodhi. It produced a high aesthetic sense among Rasikas. The sisters in the improvisation of the raga and in their unique way of melodious singing, handled the nuances with absolute clarity and entertained the rasikas with its vibrant appeal. Their catchy phrases in the vilambitha, madhyama, dwidha kala modes spoke volumes of the aspect of manodharma.

Enthero Neethana of St Thiyagaraja in Adi Tala Irattai Kalai thrilled the audience with its excellent presentation. The numerous Sangathees flowed freely at the same time adhehering to Kala Pramanam in an impeccable manner. The Neraval and swara exercises were done meticulously conforming to traditional pattern which was well received by rasikas with applause.

Thanjavoor Sri Subramanyan's percussionary support was laudable as the beats were rhythematic, energetic and laya centric. The Thani Avarthanam was so good and sweet with creativity in producing reverberating lahya appeal.

Sri Sivaramakrishna's Ghatam support was excellent and was unique which added more glory to the performance and he gave the best execution of his skill. Thani by both Mridangam and ghatam was well enjoyed by the audience and appreciated with thunderous applause.

Mayavaram Viswanatha Sastri's (their grand father) composition 'Jayathi Jayathi Bharatha Matha, was a good choice to suit the day and touched the sentiments of the listeners with its patriotic appeal giving greater resilience to the programme.

Bhavayami Gopala, in the raga Yamuna Kalyani by St Annamayya was sung in a sweet form. A Thirupugazh with devotion was presented and the programme came to a happy end with Mangalam.

M Ganesan

Sangeetha Rasika Sangam.