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Previous Concert Reviews


The 123rd Music Program of Sangeetha Rasika Sangam, Chennai 92 was held at Sri Varasiddhi Vinayagar Temple, Chinmayanagar (Central Chinmaya Mission Trust) on 16th Aug 2009.

Madurai TNS Krishna, gave a scintilating vocal recital with instrumental support provided by Thiruvallur Parthasarathy on the violin and Sri M S Varadhan on the Mrudhangam.

Shri TNS Krishna opened the concert by singing the Ata Thala Varnam 'Viribhoni' in Bhairavi and it was melodiously presented. His technical mastery of this raga (Vakra Bashanga Sampoorna Raagam - having Sa ga Ri ga ma pa Dha ni Sa and Sa ni dha pa ma ga Ri Sa on Arohana and Avarohana order respectively) was beautifully displayed while narrating the Mukthayee and Chittaswaram. Bhairavi becomes a Bhashanga raga, by taking chaturshruti - Dhaivatham from 22nd Melam Karaharapriya on Arohana scale and Suddha Dhaivatham from 20th Melam Natabhairavi on Avarohana scale.

Next piece was that of Swati Thirunal's 'Deva Deva Kalayami' in the 15th melam, Mayamala Gowlam. Sri TNS Krishna rendered this song by exploring its deeper recesses, producing vibrant melody. The Neraval and Swara exercise made the raga shine in its true colour.

Sri Thiruvallur Parthasarathy translated the notes quite accurately, creating subtle elements of melody. Sri M S Varadhan produced scintillating beats on Mridangam.

The artiste's improvisation of the owdava-owdava raga Hindholam (Rishabam and Panchamam as Virjam) made a deep impact with the listeners. The handling of the Komala swaras in this raga revealed the inherent features of the raga's majesty and beautitude. Sri TVS Krishna's choice was 'Samaja Vara Gamana', a popular hit song of yester years' veteran musician GNB. He poured out swaras copiously and the Kalpana swara rendition was a landmark expression of crativity and artistic excellence. The violinist and percussionist follow up imparted a new momentum and supplemented the vocalist's efforts to make the programme truly classic.

Sri TNS Krishna as befitting the occasion of Independence Day celebrations, rendered Bharathiar's song filled with patriotism 'Auduvome Pallu Paduvome'. He showcased it in the raga Bhilahari instead of singing in Mandu, as is usually the case, echoing the renewal of nationalistic spirit. It was well received by the audience.

Dhikshithar's Ranganayakam in Nayaki (a raga akin to Dharbar) was emotive. It evoked a devotional response from everyone.

The maestro of the musical art took Kalyani (65th Melam - all Thivra swaras) for full improvisation. He described a smooth curve of the raga touching the finer points in aesthetically pleasing manner, and probing into it innovatively. While doing alapana of Kalyani, he indulged in Shruti bedham mode, and surveyed briefly Suddha Dhanyasi. It was a remarkable feat performed by a well trained artist, his father being Guru and mentor in this respect. He made it an RTP. His Thanam produced continuous waves of divine melody

The two line verse 'Radhae Lola Raja Gopala Bala' in Kanda Thirupudai Thala was sung with a profuse melody in a laya oriented style. Neraval and Swaraprasthara generated a new impulse to the presentation of the concert as a whole.

Sri Thiruvallur Parthasarathy used his bow to cause vibrant melody. His follow up was both sequential and melody driven. Sri MS Varadhan spared no efforts to create a lively laya atmosphere alround and the beats were rhythmatic and symmetrical. His Thani received a thunderous applause.

Bharathiar's renowned song 'Kakkai Chiraginale' made a distinct mark on the programme

TNS Krishna as a finale, rendered a Thillana in Chandra kouns. It was well laid out and moved the hearts of listeners.

The musical event came to a happy end after singing 'pavamAna sutuDu baTTu pAdAra vindamulaku' in Sourastram.

Sangeetha Rasika Sangam.