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Sangeetha Rasika Sangam - August, 2000 Concert  

The August 2000 concert of the Sangam featured Smt Mangalam Shankar accompanied by Smt T. Hemamalini on the violin and Sri T.R.Sundaresan on the Mridangam.

After opening with the varnam 'Sami Dhaya Juda' in Kendharagowla by Thiruvothiyur Thyaga Iyer, Mangalam rendered a song in Hamsadhwani wherein the swara exercise was executed with rare aplomb and immaculate ease.

The singer then continued with 'Deva Deva Kalyame' of Swathi Thirunal in MayaMalavagowlam. Mangalam's penchant for devotional songs was amply evident. The silken voice of the gifted singer was never in doubt when she rendered the sahitya Nathajana Palini in Nalinakanthi raga by Thanjavoor Sankara Iyer - one of the beautiful compositions of this living Vaaggeyakaara. Thaye Thirupura Sundari by Periasamy Thooran in Sudha Saveri and Kanda Chapu projected a masterly expression portraying its richness as an Oudava raagam .

The main raga taken up for elaboration was 'Poorvi Kalyani' (Gamakakriya in Dheekshithar's schol) featuring Meenakshi Memudham of Dhikshidar. The Niraval and Swara Prasthara evoked great interest in the listeners. Muralidhara Gopala in Mandu was sung by the artiste in her own inimitable style. Mahadeva Shiva Sambo in Revathi by Thanjavoor Sankara Iyer spoke volumes of devotional melody. The programme rounded up with a ragamalika and Karunai Ddhaivame in Sindhu Bhairavai. The artistes Vocalist, Violinist and Mridangist performed in good unison.