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Previous Concert Reviews


The 121st Music Program of Sangeetha Rasika Sangam, Chennai 92 was held at Sri Varasiddhi Vinayagar Temple, Chinmayanagar (Central Chinmaya Mission Trust) on 28th June 2009.

Sri Sriram Gangadharan, gave a scintilating vocal recital with instrumental support provided by Mr Vijayaraghavan on the violin, Sri Mohanakrishnan on the Mrudhangam and Mayavaram G Somu on the Kanjira.

Sri Sriram Gangadharan opened the concert by singing 'Sri Maha Ganapthim' of Sri Dhikshidhar in Nattai. His articulation of this song drew great praise from the audience.

The next item was 'Manasa' of Sri Thyagaraja in the raga Malayamarutham, a janya of 16th Melam. The artiste's handling of this Sahitya made it shine in its true colours.

Sri Sriram Gangadharan made a brief survey of Ranjani, a janya of Prathi Madhyama Melam 59. His stress of Sadharna Gandharam (a lower note), along with all other Thivra swaras in their brilliant combination was such that it brought forth the salient features of this raga into sharper focus. Ranjani Niranjani, GNB's master piece, was sung with divine melody. Its sweet fragrance pervaded the entire hall recharging the audience mood to a state of ecstasy. Sri Vijayaraghavan, caught the subtle phrases of the raga in his instrument, in a truly artistic manner and the ambiance of describing it was at a high level.

Sri Mohanakrishnan through his consistent tala support enriched the musical quality of the song rendered. The artiste's rendition of a sahitya in Neelambari was laudable. Yet another GNB's song 'Vasudeva' in Kalyani, 65th Melam in Duriidha Kala mode spoke volume of the artiste's genius and honed skills in creating a legacy of GNB's legendary style of presentation. The swara elaboration added further inputs to its original charm and the notes reflected a classical pattern which conformed to truly traditional forms. The violin and Mridangam follow up was at a very satisfactory level.

The main raga taken up for full improvisation was 'Thodi', the 8th Melam. The artiste showed creativity in exploring the finer realm of this raga by penetrating into its deeper recesses. Each phrase multiplied itself into a very many curves of Komala swara elaboration, and made the raga shine brilliantly.

Thamasamena was rendered with moving melody in Adhi Tala Irattai-kalai.

The Sangathies, Neraval and swara prasthara produced synergy and harmony and appealed to listeners intellectually. The artiste received a standing vovation at the conclusion of the song. Sri Vijayaraghavan in maintaining standards set by his father in violin artistry, produced vibrant and melodious notes to enrich the concert's effectiveness. He used his bow to create subtler effects of melody driven instrumental music. Sri Mohanakrishnan made a distinct mark on the programme by producing symmetrical beats on his percussion instrument. Sri Mayavaram Somu who has established a distinct identity in Kanjeera in the last two generations performed his role remarkably well. The duo excelled each other while doing the Thani. They received a thunderous applause from the audience.

The artiste rendered a raga malika consisting of ragas pyagu, kamas, kapi and Paraz, stirred the hearts. 'Nalla Sagunamendru solludi' in Shanmughapriya was presented with proper melody.

The event came to a happy end with Mangalam in Saurashtram. .

Sangeetha Rasika Sangam.