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Previous Concert Reviews


The 120th Music Program of Sangeetha Rasika Sangam, Chennai 92 was held at Sri Varasiddhi Vinayagar Temple, Chinmayanagar (Central Chinmaya Mission Trust) on Sunday the 14th June 2009.

While Smt Bombay Lakshmi Rajagopalan featured as vocalist, she was accompanied by Sri Villivakkam Raghuraman on the violin and Sri Prasanna on the Mrudangam. The programme was well attended.

The concert opened with a Varnam 'Everi Pothane' in Ahoghi (an owdava - owdava raga) which was executed with moving melody.

After a brief sketch of the raga Atana, Smt Lakshmi Rajagopalan rendered the Sahitya 'Sri Maha Ganapathim Bajeham' of Mysore Maharaja. A Janya raga of 29th Melam, with Swara Structure Sa R ma pa Ni Sa and Sa Ni Dha pa ma Ga R Sa on Arohanam and Avarohanam scales, Atana creates a valourous mood and produces a majestic appeal.

The artiste delineation of Anandha Bhairavi with 'Sa ga R ga ma Pa Dha pa Sa' and Sa ni Dha pa ma ga R Sa Swara Structure revealed the finer characteristics of the raga. 'Marive Evarae Gathi' of Sri Shyama Sastri was presented with sweet melody. The swara prasthara drew the audience' praise.

Sri Papanasam Sivan's song 'Parak para' in Vachaspathi, the 64th Melam, was woven into a nice fabric with efficient handling of its Kaisika Nishadham, a jiva swara in this Prathi Madhyamam raga, to bring the true colour into a sharper focus.

A song with the Vritham on Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peedam Paramacharya in ragam Sahana, Janya raga of 28th Melam was rendered melluflously.

The next song in the artiste's agenda was 'Nee Daya Radha' in Vasantha Bhairavi, the janya of 14th Melam Vahula Bharanam. This was sung with profound melody. The one taken up as main raga for full improvisation was Madhyamavathi, an owdava-owdava raga. The artiste described a smooth curve while rendering the alapana and brought forth the salient features such as its auspicious nature, etc. He rendered St Thiagaraja's Rama katha sudha in a profusely sweet melody taking the rasikas to newer height of joy. The Sangathies, neraval and swara prasthara were aesthetically pleasing. She was given a long ovation by the audience.

Sri Raghuram produced vibrant notes in his violin and his follow up in the instrument made a distinct mark on the musical event. Sri Prasanna gave a rhythematic percussioning effect and his tani was laya oriented. He received a thunderous applause.

Sri Purandaradas' Yadhava Neepa in Karnataka Devagandhari was touchy.

Iyappan Malai Appanae in Nada nama kriya was sung with devotional fervour. 'Kurai Onrum Illai composed by Sri Rajagopalachariar, a raga malika, comprising of Sivaranjani, kapi, Sindhu Bhairavi, etc. was deligently rendered with great bhava.

'Koovi Azhaithal' in Valagi, imparted a momentum of flowing melody, which was followed by 'Bodhendra Sayeenam' of Swathi Thirunal in Kundalavarali.

The programme ended happily with singing of Mangalam. Sangeetha Rasika Sangam

Sangeetha Rasika Sangam.