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Previous Concert Reviews


The 118th Music Program of Sangeetha Rasika Sangam, Chennai 92 was held at Sri Varasiddhi Vinayagar Temple, Chinmayanagar (Central Chinmaya Mission Trust) on Sunday the 26th April 2009.

While Sri Prakash Hariharan who had his initial training under Sri U P Raju and advanced training under Innisai Maamani Smt Padma Veeraraghavan gave his Mandolin concert, he was accompanied by Smt Jayanthi Keshav on the violin, Sri K Parthasarathy on the Mrudangam and Sri C S Venkatramanan on the Kanjira. The programme was well attended.

Sri Prakash Hariharan began the concert with a Varnam viz., 'Karunimpa' in the Raaga Sahana composed byThiruvotiyur Thyagayyar.

The next Krithi was of Sri Koteeswara Iyer viz., 'Varanamukhava' in the Raaga Hamsadhwani, set to Rupakam Thalam. He made a brief sketch of the Raaga bringing out its melodious components.

The artiste rendered Purvi Kalyani, a janya raaga of 53rd Melam. Gnyanamu Sakaradha of St Thiagaraja was portrayed in a mellufuous manner with sangathies and swara elaboration done in aestetically pleasing way.

Manasu Nilpa of St Thiagaraja in the Raaga Abhogi, yet another Ranjitwa Raaga, was rendered very sweetly.

The artiste took up Sri Deekshithar's Krithi Kanjadalayadakshi in the Raaga Kamala Manohari which stirred the hearts of the listeners.

Manavyalakim in the Raaga Nalinakanthi, was presented with a great divine manner. The Raaga has a swara structure with Gandharam preceding Rishabam in the Arohana scale 'Sa Ga Ri ma Pa ni Sa'.

The main raga which was taken up for elaboration was Keeravani, the 21st Malam. The artiste explored in depth the scope of the raaga by handling its intricate movements both in the lower and higher octave very skillfully. Kalikiyunte of St Thyagaraja was neatly executed. Sangathies, neraval and swara prasthara made an indelible mark on the programme.

Smt Jayanthi Keshav gave a brilliant support by taking the rasikas to a newer height, by her creativity in hilighting the salient features of the Raaga. Both Sri Parthasarathy and Sri Venkataramanan , through their mettle in the percussion accompaniments Mridangam and Kanjira respectively. The Thani of the duo was well received and applauded by the audience.

The artiste obliged the request of one of the Rasikas, and played Sri Patnam Subramania Iyer's Raguvamsa Sudha in the raaga Kadanakudukalam. The Raaga by its very name implies a pleasant connotation.

Then he did Vellai Thamarai in the Raaga Bimplas. He presented this piece so well that he brought forth the fragrance of the raaga.

Then Sri Prakash Hariharan played a Thillana very well and concluded the conert with Mangalam.


Sangeetha Rasika Sangam.