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Previous Concert Reviews


The 115th Music Programme of Sangeetha Rasika Sangam, Chennai 92 was held at Sri Varasiddhi Vinayagar Temple, Chinmayanagar (Central Chinmaya Mission Trust) on 1st March 2009.

While Sri O.S. Thiagarajan, featured as vocalist, he was accompanied by Mr Ambika Prasad on the violin, Sri Mohanakrishnan on the Mrudangam and Sri Nergunam Shankar on Kanjira. The hall was packed to capacity.

Sri O S Thiagarajan made a brisk beginning with 'Thatvamaria Tharama' in the raga 'Reethi Gowlai'. Sri OST struck a rapport with the discerning rasikas by singing “Ganamurthy” of St Thiagaraja in vivadi mela raga Ganamurthy with great felicity sung with a moving melody. It instantly set smiles on the faces of the rasikas, who listened to this with rapt attention.

St Thiagaraja's Seethamma Mayamma' in the Raga 'Vasantha' was executed mellifluously with Bhava and the flow of swaras was copious.

The presentation of the Raga 'kapi' was both enchanting and lively. The song 'Varithi kattina' composed by Sri Bhadrachala Ramadoss was rendered with Bhakthi Bhava and was well received by audience.

The next one 'Anuragamule' of St. Thiagaraja in the Raaga 'Saraswathi' was sung in a gentle way. The next piece of Krithi was 'Eti Janmamidi' of St Thiagaraja in the Raaga 'Varaali' formed a class by itself and moved the hearts of the Rasikas because of the divinity nicely blended in the presentation of the song. Experience in concert singing, mastery over the subject and command over music were all in full display as he rendered swaras and niraval.

The main Raaga taken up for elaboration was Sankarabaranam, the 29th Melam. He showed the supremacy of his special skill and took the audience along in the smooth sailing of alaapana. He transmitted an enthralling wave of classical melody and redoubled the enthusiasm among the Rasikas.

The Krithi 'Edu Tanilicite' was rendered with melody. The swaraprastharam was unique and received the thunderous applause from Rasikas.

Sri O S Thiagarajan presented a beautiful Abarana to the Raagam Sankarabaranam by his melodious voice, carved out of dedicated Bhakthi Bhavam.

Sri Ambika Prasad handled all the notes with good classical strength and very well managed to interpret the subtle elements with relative ease and professional skills. The duo between Sri Mohanakrishnan on his Mrudangam and Sri Sankar on his Kanjira created a 'Tala Vaibhav' atmosphere during Thani. Both of them showed their competence in their respective instruments. The audience cheered them up through a thunderous applause.

Sri O.S.T. gave a brief but enlightening lecture on the greatness of the Karnatic Music and said no music in the world is equivalent or superior to the Karnatic Music because of its unique 'gamagams' knitted with Bhava and Bhakthi. He was all praise for the Mummoorthies for their dedicated efforts to our divine Karnatic Music and specially for St Thiagarajar. He narrated the special characteritics of St Thiagaraja's viz., his compositions are filled with Bhakthi and Bhavam; his selection of Raagas for each song synchronises extremely well with the words and meanings of each song; his every Krithi conveys a strong message and deep devotion to Lord Sri Rama. He appealed to the audience to enrich further the richness of the Karnatic music by not only listening to the great singers, but also by creating interests in the children for learning this great music.

The programme ended with a Jawali, 'Marubari' in the Raaga 'Kamas' by Dharmapuri Subbarayer followed by Mangalam.

By M. Ganesan, [A Vocalist], Sangeetha Rasika Sangam, 2nd Main Road, Natesan Nagar, Chinmayanagar, Chennai 600092.