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SANGEETHA RASIKA SANGAM - March 2002 - 1st Concert

SANGEETHA RASIKA SANGAM organised its 22nd Music Concert at Sri Hari Hara Temple, Chinmaya Nagar , Chennai 92 on 24th March 2002, featuring Sikkil Mala Chandrasekhar's Flute Recital with Mullai Vasal G Chandra Mouli on Violin and Kalladakurichi S Sivakumar on Mridangam.

After the opening Varnam 'Evvari Podhana' in Abhogi , Mala Chandrasekhar completed a Dikshithar's kriti 'Ekhadantham' in Bilahari with presentation of swara texts conforming to classical standards.

Annamacharya's 'Sriman Narayana' in Bowli was a moving piece which produced an atmosphere of serenity alround. Next song of Papanasam Sivan in Karaharapriya was enjoyable and elevating..

'Rajaraja rajothe' in Niroshta composed by Muthiah Bagavatar rarely makes its presence in music concerts. 'Ma' and 'Pa' being varjam in this raga, this is to be sung without using lips. This was ably handled by Mala Chandrasekhar.

'Natakapriya', the tenth Mela Kartha usually poses difficulties for musicians to bring the raga lakshanam in full measure. A song by Thanjavur Shankara Iyer was taken up by the artist, displaying sharp skills in its Niraval and swara elaboration. The beauty of this raga is that while the 'Poorvanga swaras' belong to Thodi, the 'Uttaranga ' part is that of Karahara Priya. The 'Suddha Rishabam' and 'Chadhursruti Daivatham' are the core swaras to bring a distinct identity of the raga. Mala Chandrasekhar's creative genius in doing full justice to bring the raga swarupa needs a special mention here.

Sri Thiagaraja's 'Nadaloludai' in Kalyanavasantham, a janya raga of 21st Melam Keeravani with 'Rishabam' and 'Panchamam ' as varjam in the Arohanam, rendered in melodius form, added great charm to the event.

The main raga rendition was Kalyani. The characteristic presentation with its classical base speaks of Mala Chandrasekhar's proven skills of mastery of this bewitching raga. 'Kamalambam' of Dhikshithar in Adhi Thala (Irattai kalai)was taken up. She produced vibrant notes through her windy instrument. Niraval and swara exercises were in excellent form..

Mullai Vasal Chandra Mouli's expert handling of the violin which reproduced the sahitya texts and swaras with a remarkable level of clarity deserves great praise. His craftsmanship and the ease with which the notes were varied in content and scope of the ragas within their assigned limits are all the points worthmentioning.

Kalladakurichi Sivakumar 's Thani with exemplary display of percussionist's skills was well applauded.

Rajaji's composition Kurai Onrum Illai', a ragamalika comprising Siva Ranjani, Kapi and Sindhu Bhairavi was hailed by the audience . 'Krishna Nee Begane' in Yamuna Kalyani in Misra Chapu Thala was well received by the rasikas and praised immeasurably.

The programme ended well with the popular film song 'Katrinilae Varum Geetham' sung by M S Subbalakshmi, the Queen of Music in olden days.

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