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SANGEETHA RASIKA SANGAM - January 2002 - 2nd Concert

The 20th music programme of Sangeetha Rasika Sangam, Chennai 600092 was held on 27th January 2002 at Sri Hari Hara Temple premises. Ms Nirmitha Narasimhan, a disciple of Dr Radha Venkatachalam featured as vocal artist with S.P. Ananda Padmanabhan on violin and Erode Nagarajan on Mridangam.

Nirmitha Narasimhan, to mark the 'Thai Poosam' festival occasion occuring the next day, sang the piece 'Senthil Vazh Murugan En Subramania Swamy'. She rendered Saravathe Rama, her gentle and melodious voice adding more grace to the aesthetically pleasing 'Reethi Gowlam" raga. The richness of 'Ranganathudu' in Sourashtram was ably presented.

The Swathi Thirunal Krithi 'Narasimha Mamava' in Arabhi illustrated the contours of the raga in great detail and its 'sanchara' covered its fathomless layers of intrinsic beauty. GNB's popular composition 'Sama Gana lole' in Indolam with its raga elaboration and exercise in mellifluous voice imparted further impulses for enriching the concert.

'Sri Vaidyanatham' in Atana and 'Janaki ramana' in Suddha Seemamdhini were executed with clear grasp of their raga contents.

The main raga rendition was Kalyani. A tamil song followed. The delineation of raga, Sangathi, Neraval and swara prasthara were all done perfectly aligned to Sruti, with sweet voice flowing like a never-ending stream in expressing 'Raga Lakshanam' and 'Bhava'.

Anantha Padmanabhan, disciple of Kanyakumari, great violin Maestro, skilfully portrayed the essential features of ragas and compositions. Erode Nagarajan did a fairly good job of extending his percussionary support. His 'Thani' drew wider applause.

'Rama Rama' in Senjurutti' stirred the audience, as also 'Sri Maha Devanu' of Kapi raga in Kanda Tirupudai Thala. With singing of a piece in 'Mandu' the programme ended well.



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