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SANGEETHA RASIKA SANGAM - January 2002-1st Concert

SANGEETHA RASIKA SANGAM, CHENNAI 92 featured Dr. Radha Venkatachalam's vocal concert as its 19th Music Programme on 26th January 2002 at Sri Hari Hara Temple premises, Chinmaya Nagar, Chennai 600 092. A huge crowd, consisting of devotees and rasikas was present. While smt. G. Bharathi accompanied on violin, the percussionary support was given by Sri Sundar Kumar.

Dr. Radha Venkatachalam chose as her first song, a Dhikshidar Kriti "Kanakambari". In this Vakra Janya raga of 1st Melam Kanagangi, she ably brought out the intrinsic beauty of "Suddha Nishadham" during Swara exercise. It is abundantly clear that only a few musicians of her stature, could handle the delicate note "Suddha Nishadham" effectively, to evoke listeners' continuous interest.

"En Mana Thamarai" in "Reethi Gowla" was sung soulfully with its melody content increasing the raga bhava and stretching it to its outermost limits of expansion.

The delineation of "Mohanam" was rendered remarkably well, by capturing its captivating phrases, at an enhanced level of 'Manodharma' of the artiste. "Soundharya Vellam" of Papanasam Sivan in Mohanam proved an ideal choice, to be sung with great devotional fervour. In her inimitable style of Swara expressions of the raga, Dr. Radha Venkatachalam raised the consciousness of audience to a transcendental level of sublime glory and divine bliss.

Smt. Bharathi reproduced the notes in 'Mohanam' effortlessly on her violin. Her handling it in benchmarked tradition of her father violin Maestro Chandrasekar revealed her artistic excellence and proven skills of mastery. Sundar Kumar, the percussionist cleverly manipulated the rhythematic beats here and now, to produce a synergy effect of the entire concert.

'Bala Kanaka Maya' in Atana was executed crisply, with the stress on 'Kakali Nishadham', remaining stronger as ever.

The Ragam Thanam Pallavi in 'Abheri' both as regards raga rendition and execution of thanam, had a moving effect on discerning rasikas. This formal as a 'bhava' and 'laya' oriented exercise, befitting the classical tradition and its grammar. The Pallavi "Mal Murugan Velan Kandhan Murugan Neela Mayil Vahananam" in Kanda Tirupudai thala brought into sharp focus the vocal artist's Raga and Laya Jnana expressions to blend happily with the trained skills of percussionist Sri Sundar Kumar. The 'Kala Pramana' of the lines in Pallavi was strictly observed by both, enriching the content of RTP. Smt. Bharathi at each stage of progress of RTP lent her back up support in violin in no small measure. The 'Thani' was exhilarating and was well applauded.

The programme concluded with singing of "Koovi Azhaikka Kudadha Gurupara" in Sindhu Bhairavi.



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